Impaler – Nightmare Attack (2009) Review

Hello thrashers and bangers! Today i have for you Nightmare Attack by Japanese thrashers Impaler. Originally released in 2009 but re-released in 2011 in Europe with three bonus tracks.

This artwork is pretty fucking cool. Just Sayin’.

The album starts off with AxPx, a cool intro song that starts out with a maniacal scream by bassist Yasushi Nishizawa. This let’s you know exactly what you are in for, some good ol’ thrash metal! The song continues seemlessly into the title track Nightmare Attack, a merciless thrashing assault with crazy vocals!. A great song that has a very catchy chorus and overall great feel.

I’m Alive is my favorite song off this album, because it’s the longest song on there (clocking in at five minutes). Most of the songs are two/three minutes and this one seems a little more ‘complicated’ than the others. This is a good time to highlight the insane vocals by both the bassist and the guitarist Kazuhiko Kill-Take. You can compare them to those of Poney (Violator), if he was on crack! Slave Of Master doesn’t waste any time. It’s a full-on thrasher, with pounding drums and an awesome guitar riff. It Even throws a blast beat in there for good fun!

Nightmare Attack comes to an end with Impaler, another great song. I’d like to call it a ‘living room mosher’ because well… it makes you fuck up your living room! This song reminds me a lot of Nuclear Assault (In the Game Over era). After that there is time to catch your breath. A very short (22 minutes) album, but definately not a waste of time.

Closing Comments

These crazy Japanese fuckers released a great album back in 2009. I recommend Nightmare Attack to any person who likes old- and new school thrash! For some people the vocals might be a little too crazy but hey, at least they aren’t cookie cutter screams! Enjoy this one!

– Klikovreter

I’m Alive

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