Chakal – Abominable Anno Domini (1987) Review

Hey folks!

In my first post I will write a review about one of my favorite albums of all time! Abominable Anno Domini by Chakal, a brazilian thrash legend from the same city of bands like Sepultura, Sarcófago, Mutilator etc…


Nice cover,huh?

Let’s begin it. The album starts with a true thrash metal gem, May Not The Mankind Suffer, which begins with a mid tempo, that turns to fast guitars and drums, with a emblematic lyrics and the animalistic vocals of Korg that explodes our heads without mercy, and with good and well done solos by the dual guitarists Pepeu and Mark.

The next song is The Planet is Dead, starts with drums and then comes a fast guitar riff making us start to mosh in the room,this song has a good lyrics too,saying about politics and corruption (Dirty politicians spewing lies, suits and ties, dummy disguises, growing fat with the hunger, breathing lust, bastards governors of the world…). There’s another song that I have to spotlight, it’s the song, Jason Lives, a truly classic! Thrash Metal at it’s best! Korg wears a Jason mask when the song is played live, I can’t wait to see them in September! I don’t need to talk nothing about the lyrics, the title says it all hehehe!

Closing Comments

Well, Abominable Anno Domini is a thrash metal masterpiece that you have to listen, the band is well known in my country and very important for the scene but I think they are not known internationally, it’s a pity.

– Blackthrasher


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