Devastation – Dispensable Bloodshed (1987) Review

Hi folks! Today I will write about a band that isn’t pure thrash metal, it’s a death/thrash metal band called Devastation from the USA (finally a band that isn’t from Brazil, huh? hahahaha!) formed in 1986 by Frank Ciampi, Erv Brautigam, Duane Rasmussen and Pat Buckley. Unfortunally they have released only one album, called Dispensable Bloodshed released in 1987, it’s a great collection of insane riffs with songs talking about death, destruction and violence, let’s start it!


The album starts with Cranial Hemorrhage, i’m not a great fan of songs with mid tempo (i want velocity!) but this song got me and knocked me out! One of the best tracks I’ve ever heard, I can imagine the band in the 80’s playing this song and everybody banging in the rhythm of the main riff that is fucking cool, but the song has fast riffs too, making it perfect.  The next is Dispensible Bloodshed that starts with a bass and drums intro, a nice intro, then comes the guitar with a nice riff that turns to a fast slaughter, not the best track but surely a good one. The next song is called Genetic Poisoning that talks about the cruel agent orange (“agent orange, in the air, taking lives, silently, breathing more, breathing deep”), the song starts with a creepy intro that is a children choir, or something like it, probably is from some horror movie from the 80’s, then comes a simple but neckbreaking guitar riff, this is one of my favorite tracks, it has a nice chorus too, with tempo variations, one of the best tracks as I already said. Another PERFECT track is “The Instrumental”, holy fuck! One of the best thrash metal instrumentals I’ve ever heard, together with Inquisition Symphony by Sepultura. It starts with a very pretty acoustic guitar intro, very captivating, then the slaughter begins again! A lot of insane riffs, when this track ends, you will faint to the ground.

Closing Comments

Dispensable Bloodshed is one of the best released that I’ve ever heard and I think this band has not the popularity that them should have, if you like that cruel, fast, visceral and neckbreaking death/thrash metal with nice solos, insane drums, with a vocal done by a maniac, I have here the perfect album for you. Then, go listen to it and sing with me the Cranial Hemorrhage’s chorus!


Cranial hemorrhage, i’m bleeding violently, weakening faster, fighting for life!

Xentrix – For Whose Advantage? (1990) Review

What’s up mosh addicts? Today i’m going to talk about Xentrix. Xentrix is one of the few bands that have a name that starts with the letter x. Seriously, how many bands can you name that start with that letter? Originally formed in 1985 and released a bunch of albums until the late ‘90s, when they unfortunately split up. For Whose Advantage? seems to be the album that most people remember them by (or the Ghostbusters cover of course) and for good reason, ‘cause this is one great classic that shouldn’t be missing in any thrashers collection!

This guy means business.

So, let’s get this party started! The first song is Questions, that begins with an epic melodic dual guitar extravaganza and then continues into epic riffage that reminds me somewhat of EvilDead. The singing by Chris Astley (Brother of Rick?) is awesome, like a more aggressive sounding James Hetfield. After that it’s time for the titel track For Whose Advantage?. It starts with a bass line with a man speaking over it, and then it’s off to another great melodic intro. The riffs are simply mind-bogglingly awesome and the song has a great message:

“Invade in trust, ideals unjust
Hide your reality
Invisible truth, enslaving youth
For useless vanity”

For Whose Advantage? is truly one of the greatest thrash metal songs ever written, a masterpiece that might overshadow the rest of the album. The Human Condition  is a little short compared to the rest of the songs, but once again nothing short of awesome. A more straight forward song than the rest, but nonetheless good as shit.
New Beginnings is an amazing acoustic instrumental song that serves as (sort of) an intro to the next song, Desperate Remedies. Probably the most mosh-able song on the whole cd, because of it’s awesome intro.

Closing Comments

For Whose Advantage? is a thrash metal masterpiece that you simply have to listen. This would have made Xentrix super popular back in the day, but they were a little late to the party. In 1990 thrash was already making it’s decline and that’s why not that many people know about this. Give this one a spin and you won’t be dissapointed!

– Klikovreter

MX – Simoniacal (1988) Review

Hi guys! Today I will review about another brazilian classic band (please, don’t get angry with me because i’m always posting a new brazilian band, I love the old school scene and there is some bands that you guys simply HAVE to know!) Let’s start it! The band that I will review today is called MX, they have returned to the stages and I want so much to see them live, but I have to wait they come to my state, but, well, the band was formed in 1985 in São Paulo, by Alexandre da Cunha, Décio Fragnani, Alexandre “Morto (Dead)” Favoretto and Beraldo (R.I.P.) (this last I guess). They play that fast and well done thrash closer to bay area thrash metal than brazilian thrash, with death metal grunts, with some slow parts and nice solos and lyrics talking about war, society, religion, horror movies, etc. They were the opening acts in Brazil for Testament in 1989 and Exodus in 1997. The album I will write is called Simoniacal released in 1988.


(Fuck! Don’t smash this money, i have to buy new equipment!)

The album starts with my favorite song of the album, Dirty Bitch, a fast thrash metal song with funny lyrics talking about a ugly bitch, with a simple but catchy chorus (“We go to fuck this bitch now,fuck off this bitch! We go to fuck this bitch now,fuck off this bitch!”) is a short and fast song, not a incredible but will make you surely bang your head. The next song is Fighting for the Bastards, that talks about evil people that end with the life of people who wanted to keep living, a song with nice solos and riffs made to make you ask yourself why you didn’t discovered this band before. The next song is Satanic Noise, the lyrics are really cool, talks about the sound of the band! (“A noise breaking the silence of depths, a noise that came to change your life, a noise that came to stay, a noise that came to shock!”) This song will be one of your favorites songs of this album, that’s for sure! Just sing with me the chorus, “We’re all a death legion, a infernal machine!”. And, there is other two songs that I have to spotlight,the first is Jason (YES!!!!!) one of the best songs of the album, good lyrics and chorus (“Killing and making sacrifices, his blood is cold, to avenge the soul of his mother, when you think that he is dead, Jason is alive“) and Dark Dream, I’ll give a cookie for guessing which character from horror movie this songs talks about! No, I won’t, I will eat it and say to you that the song talks about Freddy Krueger, in my opinion it’s one of the best songs!

Closing Comments

Simoniacal is surely one of the best releases of the worldwide thrash metal,if you doesn’t have listened to it yet, please, listen to it,bang so much and be a little bit happy, hahaha, well… just bang your head and sing it loud!


Anthares – No Limite da Força (1987) Review

Hey people! Here’s a good thrash metal album from the huge oldschool brazilian scene that I will review to you all!

Anthares is a thrash metal band formed in 1983 in São Paulo, Brazil. They recorded one demo in 85, then in 1987 they recorded and released this thrash metal masterpiece called No Limite da Força (In the Limit of the Strength).


This cover reminds me Metallica’s Ride the Lightning, but, anyway, this cover is better…

Well,let’s begin it! The album starts with the instrumental Anthares ,a slow instrumental with captivating lead guitars, not one of the best instrumental intro tracks that I’ve heard but, it’s a cool track, when the song ends, start one of the most fast and furious thrash metal songs ever! Fúria (Fury) is a insane song, created to make you bang your head til you break your neck, the lyrics talk about the domination of the world by the evil and by the heavy metal (“In the infinite universe, hate spreads in the air, the death is a constant, and heavy metal to dominate” or “Fury! Fury! A war cry sounding… Fury! Fury! Heavy Metal!”). The next song is the eponymous track, No Limite da Força (In the Limit of the Strength), starts with a mid tempo riff with the drums following it, the song get faster, then gets slow again, (you got it?) the mid tempo riff backs again and WHAM BHAM ! the thrash metal slaughter begins, the lyrics talk about war and warriors (“Warriors are following the triumph in direction, with daggers , axes , chains riveted on hand, will reveal the limit of the strength”),another good song is Chacina (Slaughter) a fast song that talks about a loser man who channel all her anguish committing a massacre…

Closing Comments

No Limite da Força is a album for you, speed maniac, like me, that simply need to listen fast song all day long, you will not regret listening to this album, all songs start with a little slow intro that turns to a thrash metal slaughter. Not one the best albums of the world, but one of the albums that you will not regret to listen to!

– Blackthrasher


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Impaler – Nightmare Attack (2009) Review

Hello thrashers and bangers! Today i have for you Nightmare Attack by Japanese thrashers Impaler. Originally released in 2009 but re-released in 2011 in Europe with three bonus tracks.

This artwork is pretty fucking cool. Just Sayin’.

The album starts off with AxPx, a cool intro song that starts out with a maniacal scream by bassist Yasushi Nishizawa. This let’s you know exactly what you are in for, some good ol’ thrash metal! The song continues seemlessly into the title track Nightmare Attack, a merciless thrashing assault with crazy vocals!. A great song that has a very catchy chorus and overall great feel.

I’m Alive is my favorite song off this album, because it’s the longest song on there (clocking in at five minutes). Most of the songs are two/three minutes and this one seems a little more ‘complicated’ than the others. This is a good time to highlight the insane vocals by both the bassist and the guitarist Kazuhiko Kill-Take. You can compare them to those of Poney (Violator), if he was on crack! Slave Of Master doesn’t waste any time. It’s a full-on thrasher, with pounding drums and an awesome guitar riff. It Even throws a blast beat in there for good fun!

Nightmare Attack comes to an end with Impaler, another great song. I’d like to call it a ‘living room mosher’ because well… it makes you fuck up your living room! This song reminds me a lot of Nuclear Assault (In the Game Over era). After that there is time to catch your breath. A very short (22 minutes) album, but definately not a waste of time.

Closing Comments

These crazy Japanese fuckers released a great album back in 2009. I recommend Nightmare Attack to any person who likes old- and new school thrash! For some people the vocals might be a little too crazy but hey, at least they aren’t cookie cutter screams! Enjoy this one!

– Klikovreter

I’m Alive

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Chakal – Abominable Anno Domini (1987) Review

Hey folks!

In my first post I will write a review about one of my favorite albums of all time! Abominable Anno Domini by Chakal, a brazilian thrash legend from the same city of bands like Sepultura, Sarcófago, Mutilator etc…


Nice cover,huh?

Let’s begin it. The album starts with a true thrash metal gem, May Not The Mankind Suffer, which begins with a mid tempo, that turns to fast guitars and drums, with a emblematic lyrics and the animalistic vocals of Korg that explodes our heads without mercy, and with good and well done solos by the dual guitarists Pepeu and Mark.

The next song is The Planet is Dead, starts with drums and then comes a fast guitar riff making us start to mosh in the room,this song has a good lyrics too,saying about politics and corruption (Dirty politicians spewing lies, suits and ties, dummy disguises, growing fat with the hunger, breathing lust, bastards governors of the world…). There’s another song that I have to spotlight, it’s the song, Jason Lives, a truly classic! Thrash Metal at it’s best! Korg wears a Jason mask when the song is played live, I can’t wait to see them in September! I don’t need to talk nothing about the lyrics, the title says it all hehehe!

Closing Comments

Well, Abominable Anno Domini is a thrash metal masterpiece that you have to listen, the band is well known in my country and very important for the scene but I think they are not known internationally, it’s a pity.

– Blackthrasher

From an addict for addicts!

Hello folks!

In the weekend I was busy but now I can begin to post and introduce myself. My name is Thierry, a brazilian guy that loves old games and thrash fucking metal and together with my friend Calvin, we will share with you all our loves, like movies, games, bands and blah blah blah, and as Calvin said, there exist thousands of bands that no one knows about from all over the world and on this blog i will tell you all about them, as well as tell you about all the great classics!


Vectom – Speed Revolution (1985) Review

Among classic thrash metal bands, Vectom doesn’t get brought  up a lot. They only released two albums in 1985 and 1986 and actually kept going until 1993, but in that seven year period didn’t release anything except for a demo called Sattelites in 1992.  After that they seemingly dissapeared from the face of the earth, never reformed or released any live albums. It’s a shame though, because Speed Revolution is actually pretty good. Pretty damn good.


The cover art looks pretty wierd though, like a bunch of black KKK members. Would that be the opposite of regular KKK members? Ones that hate white people? Anyway, the album starts out good with a guy talking in slow motion and we’re off to a speeding start with the title track, Speed Revolution. Overall there is that ‘early thrash’ feel, with echoeing drums and the guitars fairly low in the mix (like Anthrax’ Spreading The Disease  or Hell Awaits by Slayer).

Another great track is Damned Love, a great song that begins with an epic scream by singer Christian Bucher (too bad it’s not Butcher) and overall epic riffage throughout. Loudness And Speed reminds me somewhat of Razor (which is a good thing!).

Closing comments

Is this really a revolution? Not really, this album might have been buried under other great releases the same year like Killing Is My Business…, Bonded By Blood, Power From Hell, Infernal Overkill and a lot of other awesome albums. Looking at this today it’s really not that special, but if you enjoy thrash metal like it was in it’s early stages then you’ll probably love this!

– Klikovreter

Damned Love

Waking The Dead/The Shining – Thrash Attack Split (2008) Review

Waking The Dead started back in 2006, five minutes after drummer Mike D. quit the band Skulls And Flames. Waking The Dead blended thrash metal with fast hardcore and it proved an epic combination. Over the course of six years Waking The Dead would release one demo, two splits and one full length before they decided to pull the plug this year.

The Shining was founded in 2001 for only one reason, playing loud and fast as fuck agressive alcohol-fueled music! After all these years they are still going strong, they have release  a bunch of records and split LP’s and they also have a split upcoming with none other than Possuido Pelo Cão!

Enough with the history lesson, you want to know what this is about. Even though the Dutch scene is called the ‘Dead Area’ the music is far from dead! This split brings us fast and agressive Thrashcore that punches you in the stomach and gives you no time to breathe! The songs are all short and fast, no technical guitar riffs or amazing solo’s here. Is that something i’m going to complain about? Of course not!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a beer (or a whole crate) and start destroying everything in sight! And when you do, let this be the soundtrack!


The Shining side

Waking The Dead Side

Introduce ‘Em All

Welcome to Addicted To Mosh!

First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Calvin, i am a thrasher/nerd/garbage eater from the Netherlands (The ‘Dead Area’ as some might call it). I started this blog for one reason: sharing with you my love for old school thrash metal, video games and horror films! There exist thousands of bands that no one knows about from all over the world and on this blog i will tell you all about them, as well as tell you about all the great classics!

So if you and your band would like some exposure, or you wish more people listened to your favourite band then tell us all about it!