Anthares – No Limite da Força (1987) Review

Hey people! Here’s a good thrash metal album from the huge oldschool brazilian scene that I will review to you all!

Anthares is a thrash metal band formed in 1983 in São Paulo, Brazil. They recorded one demo in 85, then in 1987 they recorded and released this thrash metal masterpiece called No Limite da Força (In the Limit of the Strength).


This cover reminds me Metallica’s Ride the Lightning, but, anyway, this cover is better…

Well,let’s begin it! The album starts with the instrumental Anthares ,a slow instrumental with captivating lead guitars, not one of the best instrumental intro tracks that I’ve heard but, it’s a cool track, when the song ends, start one of the most fast and furious thrash metal songs ever! Fúria (Fury) is a insane song, created to make you bang your head til you break your neck, the lyrics talk about the domination of the world by the evil and by the heavy metal (“In the infinite universe, hate spreads in the air, the death is a constant, and heavy metal to dominate” or “Fury! Fury! A war cry sounding… Fury! Fury! Heavy Metal!”). The next song is the eponymous track, No Limite da Força (In the Limit of the Strength), starts with a mid tempo riff with the drums following it, the song get faster, then gets slow again, (you got it?) the mid tempo riff backs again and WHAM BHAM ! the thrash metal slaughter begins, the lyrics talk about war and warriors (“Warriors are following the triumph in direction, with daggers , axes , chains riveted on hand, will reveal the limit of the strength”),another good song is Chacina (Slaughter) a fast song that talks about a loser man who channel all her anguish committing a massacre…

Closing Comments

No Limite da Força is a album for you, speed maniac, like me, that simply need to listen fast song all day long, you will not regret listening to this album, all songs start with a little slow intro that turns to a thrash metal slaughter. Not one the best albums of the world, but one of the albums that you will not regret to listen to!

– Blackthrasher


Anthares on facebook!


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