Dorsal Atlântica – Antes do Fim (1986)

After more than two months without posting, here comes a new one!
Today I will talk about this classic debut of one of the most classical bands from Brazil, the Dorsal Atlântica! Formed in 1981 by Carlos “Vândalo” Lopes (guitar/vocals) and his brother Claudio “Cro-Magnon” Lopes (bass guitar) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And releasing a lot of epic albums during the career, today i will talk about their first full length (they already had released an album before it, the Ultimatum split, with the band Metalmorphose, this was one the first, or maybe the first thrash metal album in the South America) Antes do Fim (Before the End) is it’s name, released by them in 1986.

(Photo taken before a show in the city of Belo Horizonte, city of Sepultura, Mutilator, Sarcófago, Overdose, Chakal, The Mist, Holocausto, and a lots of bands, in the show of the release of the split album Bestial Devastation/Século XX by Sepultura/Overdose in 1986, they played as guest band, and the opening act was by Mutilator. From left to right, Claudio “Cro-Magnon” Lopes (bass guitar), Hardcore (drums) and Carlos “Vândalo” Lopes (guitar/vocals).

This is a mark in the history of the brazilian scene, that influenced bands like Sepultura and Korzus, the album i will show to you, guys, is fast, raw, intelligent, brilliant, and the production, that isn’t too good, give to the album a certain feeling, this is one of the things I most like in this album.

Dorsal Atlantica_Antes Do Fim

The track that open the album is called Caçador da Noite (Hunter of the Night), fast guitar riffing, blowing bass, nice drum work, and lyrics talking about a born dead killer from the third world who execute his lyrics causing terror everywhere, the upcoming track is HTLV-3,for those who doesn’t knows, the original name for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, was HTLV-III, and as everybody knows, this term is no longer in use. Well, this track, obviously talks about the disease and the prejudice for people who diseased by it, the part I said that this is an intelligent album is just because of the lyrics that Carlos “Vândalo” Lopes wroted very well, i’ll spotlight some translated verses of the lyrics that I think’s interesting:

“People bother with the “freedom” that the world has
Take advantage of a disease
Discriminate more minorities”
“Real witch hunt promoted by the media
Find the guilty to save the families of bourgeois
No one wants to get close, your friends will move away
A normal life is impossible, the pain of exile, thy curse”

The next is Álcool (Alcohol), this is one of my favorites songs in this album, a fast song with a nice guitar riffing , loud bass guitar (moreover, this is one of things i most like here, the bass guitar is loud and well done in the whole album) very fast drums, and with one of the most beautiful guitar solos that I’ve ever heard! The lyrics talk about the miserable way of life of alcoholic people, the awareness they have of alcohol but his uncontrollable urge to drink it, some verses that deserves to the spotlighted:

“My body stinks of alcohol
My legs have no strength
Drugs that society lets me use”

“The alcohol burns my body
It ends with me
What is the fate for those who have no future?

“For those accustomed to fall, it makes no difference
But do not pity me because I do not like it”

“I just need to drink, It’s the life I chose
If I do not care, Why do you have to worry ?
Get drunk, fill me with alcohol to fall to the ground”

Depressão Suicida (Suicide Depression) is the next song, and it’s talk about, obviously, the depression, the will to kill itself, the guilty, the torment to live, and wow! I just love the riff that comes before the solo, it’s so cool. Vorkuta already has a sugestive name, talks about the gulags created there in the soviet regime and about Stalin (Yeah, Dorsal is also history class! Hahahaha, there are other history facts in other songs)

“Stalin was afraid of being assassinated
Suspicious of the people, Suspicious of the soldiers
“Do not believe in anyone, not even me. Gratitude is a disease that affects dogs”

“Five houses, suite in the Kremlin, Foreign cars, 15 million of slaves”

FAST, FAST, FAST, FAST, FAAAAAAAAAAST!! Everything fast, and vocals with echoes, now comes my favorite track in the album, Joseph Mengele! Yes, as I already said, Dorsal is also history class! It’s name says all, talks about the sadistic german nazi medic Joseph Mengele, who did experiments with his victims still alive and etc, the trying of Simon Wiesenthal to capture him, and about his escape and possible death in Brazil:

“Like a omnipotent devil emerged from the depths of the night
I’m a omniscient doctor, capable of increasing deaths to infinity
Auschwitz was designed for one hundred thousand,
the “angel” eliminated four times more
Every day, twenty thousand were to the oven, ten pounds of gold from teeth of the dead”
“Did not find the answer in the dead twins
ZS marked chest
Straight to the dissection
Joseph Mengele”

“Fled and lived in peace , away from the world
He left a hell to get into another
Simon Wiesenthal could not capture it
The soul of Mengele laughs of satisfaction”

“He was buried in the grave 321
The body of the supposed Wolfgang Gerhard
It seems that it was this, some do not believe
Anyway , he rests in peace”

Guerrilha (Guerrilla) is the next song, the most slow song in the album, with a mid tempo riff and drums, and as I already said, LOUD BASS GUITAR! It talks about war for freedom and etc…
“Guerrilla for freedom
Guerrilla in search of the truth”

Inveja (Envy) has a sugestive name, it’s a fast song, nice to headbanging.

“Why humans can not see itself free
Do not learn from past mistakes
Lessons of greed and rancour”

“If life is so ephemeral
Why do so many futile feelings?
Inwardly you do not want to make a mistake, but you can not tame it”

And the ninth and last track of the album is called Morte aos Falsos (Death to the Falses) the fastest song in the album, a manifesto to false people and it became a hymn against the posers, a violent lyric!

“Your deceit, your way of speaking
No one in the end will want to listen you
How many friends you have, you can count
Because bobody will want to help you”

“I hope someone break your bones and crush your legs
Thrash your face and fill you of beating
Break your teeth and make you swallow, the shit that you are
and the shit that you do
Death to false!!!”

Clossing Coments

This is a masterpiece from the third world, if you do not know it, give it a try, this album influenced a lot of bands and should be listen by every true headbanger!

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You can listen to the whole album here

Exodus – Impact Is Imminent (1990) Review

What’s up! It’s me (Klikovreter) again for another underrated Exodus album! This time i’m going to talk about Impact Is Imminent from 1990. I feel as if this one has been done great injustice over the course of time, because even after the album had been released they didn’t play any songs live! Even though Good Friendly Violent Fun was released in 1991, there isn’t a single song from Impact on there. It’s a shame, because this album has some great songs on it!

Just cruisin' on the high- HOLY SHIT IT'S A GIANT FUCKING METAL BALL

Just cruisin’ on the high- HOLY SHIT IT’S A GIANT FUCKING METAL BALL

The album starts off powerful with the title track Impact Is Imminent. At first you hear the faint sounds of a police radio, a car screeching to a halt and after the crash we’re off to an aggressive guitar riff, a brutal thrashing assault, pounding drums and once again epic vocals by Zetro! The song is about drinking and driving, how you’ll never survive if you drive while under the influence:

“Every time you drink and drive
You always think that you’ll survive
Till your car is crushed and bent
Impact is imminent
Sirens fill the streets aloud
It always draws the biggest crowd
They peel your body off cement
Impact is imminent!”

A.W.O.L. doesn’t give us any time to breathe, it continues the tone of the previous song, which means more livingroom moshing! The song is about deserters of the U.S. army (A.W.O.L. stands for Absence Without Leave). The guitars sound heavy as fuck, more rough than on Fabulous Disaster. This is actually not a bad thing, this gives the album a more ‘raw’ feeling and it all adds to the awesomeness!

After all this madness it’s time for The Lunatic Parade! Like Brain Dead and The Toxic Waltz before it, this is this album’s slow headbanging song. However this doesn’t mean that this is just a rehash of those songs, this is a completely different kind. The whole thing has a sort of ‘synical’ tone over it, which perfectly fits the theme of the song.

Objection Overruled is another thrashing song, one of the better ones off Impact. Zetro sounds like a fuckin’ maniac and the riffs are both badass and melodic at the same time, this one sounds like it could have been on Fabulous Disaster. The solo is simply fantastic and this one makes you want to bang your head off! Sadly the rest of the album isn’t all that interesting, except for the last song called Thrash Under Pressure. A straightforward and fast well… thrasher! The riffs are friggin’ heavy and for an album closer, definitely a highlight!

Closing Comments

 This one really does not get the appreciation that it deserves. It’s of course not Exodus’ best effort, but it was way better than what was to come…


Vectom – Speed Revolution (1985) Review

Among classic thrash metal bands, Vectom doesn’t get brought  up a lot. They only released two albums in 1985 and 1986 and actually kept going until 1993, but in that seven year period didn’t release anything except for a demo called Sattelites in 1992.  After that they seemingly dissapeared from the face of the earth, never reformed or released any live albums. It’s a shame though, because Speed Revolution is actually pretty good. Pretty damn good.


The cover art looks pretty wierd though, like a bunch of black KKK members. Would that be the opposite of regular KKK members? Ones that hate white people? Anyway, the album starts out good with a guy talking in slow motion and we’re off to a speeding start with the title track, Speed Revolution. Overall there is that ‘early thrash’ feel, with echoeing drums and the guitars fairly low in the mix (like Anthrax’ Spreading The Disease  or Hell Awaits by Slayer).

Another great track is Damned Love, a great song that begins with an epic scream by singer Christian Bucher (too bad it’s not Butcher) and overall epic riffage throughout. Loudness And Speed reminds me somewhat of Razor (which is a good thing!).

Closing comments

Is this really a revolution? Not really, this album might have been buried under other great releases the same year like Killing Is My Business…, Bonded By Blood, Power From Hell, Infernal Overkill and a lot of other awesome albums. Looking at this today it’s really not that special, but if you enjoy thrash metal like it was in it’s early stages then you’ll probably love this!

– Klikovreter

Damned Love