Interview with Josh Christian from TOXIK

Toxik was an US-based technical thrash metal band, hailing from New York. In the 80’s they released two cult albums, World Circus (1987) and Think This (1989). I interviewed Josh Christian, founding member and lead guitarist of Toxik.

Who or what inspired you to pick up a guitar?

I am from a musical family, both my parents played guitar and sang. My dad played a little horn, he also played bass in a band when I was young. Growing up I was immersed in all kinds of music, from Jazz and Classical to Contemporary Rock of the day. My parents were into Yes and King Crimson, Mahavisnu Orchestra etc. For me growing up in the 70’s and then the 80’s it was great and I was very lucky. All of the instruments of a band were at my house for me to play whenever I wanted and I did, a lot. Drums and Guitar ended up being the ones I stuck with. As I got older I narrowed it down to guitar and took lessons. For lead guitar playing Van Halen and Uli Jon Roth were my biggest Influences, along with Richie Blackmore, Allan Holdsworth from UK and Adrian Belew from King Crimson. Of course Yngwie was an influence later on.

How was Toxik formed? What’s the history?

I started the band with my friend Lee, we were Punk originally and then Noise. In 1980 we heard Motörhead and that changed everything… this music blew my mind, between that and The Scorpions, Accept, Judas Priest, Tigers of Pantang etc. and then Venom and Mercyful Fate, Slayer etc. Music exploded in a period of 7 years, it went from Classic Rock and Punk to Power metal to Black/Speed and Thrash… We just grew with it.
The original name was “The Photogenics” and we were seriously a Punk band in the vein of late 70’s safety pin in the the lip style shit. I was 12 and we played schools, party’s and halls. We started a riot everywhere we went and then through the years Centaur, Tokyo and Finally Toxik in 1984. By this time we were musically all Original and writing speed power metal. When Tad joined in 85 we became a Thrash band for real and started ripping fucking 190 bpm 16th notes. Mike and Brian had already been in the band a year. I was the last remaining member out of about 15 people.

How was the local scene at the time when the band was formed?

 Pretty Cool, we were part of the New York scene of that day. Anthrax and Overkill, Carnivore, Whiplash, Crumbsuckers, I can’t even remember them all! NYC in the 80’s was sick. I hate to rattle like an old man about how great it used to be, but honestly it was. It was insane, you could go out and see G.G. Allin, Leeway and Slayer in one weekend and it was every weekend in Brooklyn, Long Island, New Jersey and Manhattan… and then Boston and Philly. It was endless music in those days.

Josh back in the 80's.

Josh back in the 80’s.

Which bands influenced Toxik?

A wide variety we were all totally different in styles but we all liked metal. I think that’s the reason we sounded the way we did. We were always pretty eclectic.

Did bands like Watchtower, Realm, Voivod or Blind Illusion play a vital role in your sound?

Watchtower and Voivod were influential on the universe, not that Realm and Blind Illusion weren’t, but they were contemporary’s in fact Realm was signed to RoadRacer at the same time we were. So there wasn’t an influence in that way. I was also friends with Ron Jarzombek back in those days. We talked a lot on the phone and traded tapes etc. Similar things influenced us. Not that Toxik was anywhere near as busy as Watchtower, but we did both share a basis in the prog music from the previous decade. Again the stuff I grew up listening to.

How was the reception initially when the first copies of World Circus were released?

Mixed, some people loved it right away; others grew to like it more. Some people panned it. The press liked us overall it seemed, we won CMJ metal album of the year or we were in their top whatever. I don’t remember exactly but we had a really strong buzz for a Thrash/Speed Metal band. People that saw us live always liked us more it seemed. We didn’t get to tour the US on World Circus and it affected sales of the record which I blamed the label for because of their lack of support, but in Europe we were really well received and sold pretty decently. Enough to get a second album anyway.

How did you feel about one of the songs appearing on a Metal Massacre compilation?

Awesome we were so stoked when that came out, we were on with some great bands. Cool, cool thing.

How often did you guys tour? Any particular great memories?

Too many memories. Everything you imagine can happen on a tour with 15 young guys did. Rolling around the country side, drunk and happy that we were out living our dream… I’ll do this in one capacity or another till the day I die. I’m sure of it.

Why was Mike Sanders replaced by Charles Sabin on Think This?

Complicated. at the time the record company was giving us static about Mikes Voice and he had taken some bad press. It seemed everyone was digging the music but the vocals got a hard rap. When Think This rolled around, Mike himself decided to call it quits. He went out to California and started a new life. Charlie was the right guy for the Job and did a killer performance. To this day I love both of their voices. I don’t care what anybody else thinks either. Mikey has a totally unique sound to his voice, even his speaking voice is unique. Charlie was a practiced serious vocalist. He was driven in a different way than Mike was and the energy was good for the Album. Props to them both!

What was your inspiration for ‘There Stood The Fence’?

At the writing of that I was feeling pretty angry actually. In fact for all of Think This I was having a bit of a depressive state. I was reading a lot of alternative world history, very different from what I had been taught in school and the real world really fucked with my head. That album was definitely a work of frustration and confusion.

How was the experience playing at the Dynamo along with some great acts of that time? 

Truly one of the highlights of my life. I’ve played other big shows but that was different, the bands, the fans… just the whole thing. It was early on in the festival experience. Awesome, awesome day!

What is your favorite Toxik song?

Ha! Voices? Time After Time? World Circus? Black and White? Are you really asking me to choose between my children?

What do you think of all the kids who are into Toxik now?

I’m really feeling validated honestly. For all the haters that talked as much shit as they did, we actually ended up a legit cult band. I feel totally humbled by that, I don’t want to be misread but fuck all man it definitely makes me want to kick out some more Toxik music!

Did you expect that twenty years later people would still listen to your music?

I doubt anyone does anything where they can imagine what 20 years later will bring. Like I said I’m just humbled and honored, no nonsense.

Do you plan on recording with Toxik anytime soon?

YES! If I had done this interview when you first sent it to me I might have said no. But I have a friend who was really pushing me to do something and I started to think about it and it does seem like a good time to put out a record. There’s so much shit going on I the world right now, how could I ignore it? It’s not a reunion either, even though it technically is because it’s original members. I’d like to think of Toxik like a Pink Floyd or King Crimson of the Metal world. If we do a studio album every couple of years from here on out it won’t be a reunion it will just have been a long break; the new Stuff is a bridge between the 2 records mixed with a lot of new elements. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed. We haven’t slowed down at all, we’re still technical as hell. Now unlike back then we’ve had a lifetime to digest just how fucking ugly the world can be to itself and like I said, I can’t ignore it and you can hear that in the music. I’m still frustrated you see… but I’m not confused.

Exodus – The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A (2007) Review

Out of all the Exodus albums, this seems to be one that i listened to the most when i was starting to get into metal (Besides Bonded by Blood of course), probably because it was the newest one at the time and i’d figure it was the best one to start with. This is the second album with Rob Dukes behind the microphone and features no lineup changes from Shovel Headed Kill Machine.

Woah dude, this is trippy.

I really love this album. Maybe it’s nostalgia talking, but it seems Exhibit A is what defines Exodus the way they are today Many people (including myself) would like them to return to their old style but i don’t think this is bad either! They continue the experimenting they did on Shovel Headed Kill Machine, meaning that except for Riot Act, all the songs are longer than five minutes. They all have long instrumentalp arts with great melodic solos that will have you fingering the air (wait what?) like you’ve never done before!

As i’ve said, Riot Act is good ol’ Exodus like we know them! Nothing much to say about it, except that it’s a great fucking headbanging song! Short, but sweet! Funeral Hymn is where things start to get really good. Despite it’s long running time (8 minutes and 38 seconds) it is one hell of a song, the riffs are all catchy, the solos (there are multiple!) are simply amazing to listen to! A very impressive song that seems to be a step up from their previous efforts. After this madness it’s time for what might be my favorite song from this album, Children Of A Worthless God. Once again a tad on the long side but that doesn’t mean it’s boring whatsoever!

The Atrocity Exhibition has a manaical main riff that makes you feel like you’re plunging into madness, an absolutely intense song that will grip you by the throat and won’t let go of you for the next..10 minutes! A long sit for a metal song, but just when you are starting to fall asleep you het hit in the face with Iconoclasm! An in your face brutal assault! The drums are so friggin’ cool on this song, i used to go crazy to this song when i was younger! Bedlam 1-2-3 sounds the most like classic Exodus out off all the songs, it sounds like it came straight from Fabulous Disaster! Of course there is the hidden bonus track, Bonded By Banjo or Banjoed By Blood as some people call it. It’s a banjo version of Bonded By Blood and well, it’s pretty fuckin’ hilarious.

Closing Comments

Maybe it’s just my nostalgia talking, but out of all the new Exodus albums this is probably my favorite. If you can once again stand Rob Dukes’ vocals then you’ll most likely enjoy this release. Give it a whirl!

Hell Yeah!

Exodus – Tempo Of The Damned (2004) Review

What’s up moshers! Today i’m going to talk about Tempo Of The Damned from 2004. Exodus already broke up twice before, but this time they were back for the long run! Steve Souza is back on vocals after Paul Baloff died in 2002, but sadly this would be his last studio album recorded with Exodus. This one takes a change in style for the band, although not a huge change. One could argue that they should’ve sticked to their old style but these new ones aren’t that bad!

‘Don’t mind me, i’m just casually playing while people are getting mangled into a bloody mess below me’

There is no fancy intros here, Scar Sprangled Banner starts immediately with an in your face guitar riff!. Immediately we notice the awesome riffs by riff-master Gary Holt, and it seems like this song could have been on Impact Is Imminent. Also back on drums is Tom Hunting, and he does a great job not resorting back to the same drum beat again and again. War Is My Shepherd is the most famous song on this album, and for good reason! This is an absolutely amazing song that just makes you want to bang your friggin’ head off! The guitars sound fierce, the bass is pounding and the drums are aggressive as fuck! The vocals take a different approach here, instead of Zetro’s signature snarl he ‘screams’ more on this song.

It seems now that it’s a tradition that every Exodus album has a slow headbang song. On Pleasures Of The Flesh we have Brain Dead, on Fabulous Disaster we have The Toxic Waltz, on Impact Is Imminent there is The Lunatic Parade and on Tempo Of The Damned it’s Blacklist. Need i say more? Forward March perfectly describes the feeling of the song, it makes you feel like marching forward and starting a pit in your living room! It even has some great accoustic parts during the chorus (read: distorted and clean guitars at the same time), also throw in some great melodic parts during the end of the song and you’ve got one of the best songs (musically spoken) on this album!

Throwing Down is another great track, the main riff is awesome and the melodies during the chorus are pretty nice too. Impaler is a song from Exodus’ Kirk Hammet days (He actually used the riff for Trapped Under Ice), the song is actually one of the best on Tempo Of The Damned! It’s a little weird that they didn’t record this earlier, because by now everyone already knows the Metallica song. But whatever, it’s great, and so is the title track Tempo Of The Damned. It sounds like Exodus in their Fabulous Disaster days and it’s definitely one of the highlights! Finish all of this off with an AC/DC cover (you can’t go wrong with AC/DC) and we’re done!

Closing Comments

Most people dislike the newer Exodus albums, mostly because of Rob Dukes’ vocals and because they aren’t really thrash anymore. This is in my opinion the last really good studio album by Exodus, but nonetheless a great fuckin’ cd. If you haven’t heard this one yet, give it a shot!


Exodus – Impact Is Imminent (1990) Review

What’s up! It’s me (Klikovreter) again for another underrated Exodus album! This time i’m going to talk about Impact Is Imminent from 1990. I feel as if this one has been done great injustice over the course of time, because even after the album had been released they didn’t play any songs live! Even though Good Friendly Violent Fun was released in 1991, there isn’t a single song from Impact on there. It’s a shame, because this album has some great songs on it!

Just cruisin' on the high- HOLY SHIT IT'S A GIANT FUCKING METAL BALL

Just cruisin’ on the high- HOLY SHIT IT’S A GIANT FUCKING METAL BALL

The album starts off powerful with the title track Impact Is Imminent. At first you hear the faint sounds of a police radio, a car screeching to a halt and after the crash we’re off to an aggressive guitar riff, a brutal thrashing assault, pounding drums and once again epic vocals by Zetro! The song is about drinking and driving, how you’ll never survive if you drive while under the influence:

“Every time you drink and drive
You always think that you’ll survive
Till your car is crushed and bent
Impact is imminent
Sirens fill the streets aloud
It always draws the biggest crowd
They peel your body off cement
Impact is imminent!”

A.W.O.L. doesn’t give us any time to breathe, it continues the tone of the previous song, which means more livingroom moshing! The song is about deserters of the U.S. army (A.W.O.L. stands for Absence Without Leave). The guitars sound heavy as fuck, more rough than on Fabulous Disaster. This is actually not a bad thing, this gives the album a more ‘raw’ feeling and it all adds to the awesomeness!

After all this madness it’s time for The Lunatic Parade! Like Brain Dead and The Toxic Waltz before it, this is this album’s slow headbanging song. However this doesn’t mean that this is just a rehash of those songs, this is a completely different kind. The whole thing has a sort of ‘synical’ tone over it, which perfectly fits the theme of the song.

Objection Overruled is another thrashing song, one of the better ones off Impact. Zetro sounds like a fuckin’ maniac and the riffs are both badass and melodic at the same time, this one sounds like it could have been on Fabulous Disaster. The solo is simply fantastic and this one makes you want to bang your head off! Sadly the rest of the album isn’t all that interesting, except for the last song called Thrash Under Pressure. A straightforward and fast well… thrasher! The riffs are friggin’ heavy and for an album closer, definitely a highlight!

Closing Comments

 This one really does not get the appreciation that it deserves. It’s of course not Exodus’ best effort, but it was way better than what was to come…


Exodus – Pleasures Of The Flesh (1987) Review

What’s up! My first review of Exodus month will be Pleasures Of The Flesh, from good ol’ 1987. I feel that this is a very overlooked album in Exodus’ discography, because songs from this album are almost never played live nowadays (They used to be though). There are some great songs on this album that continue in the same vein as Bonded By Blood.

Look at that beautiful artwork!

The first thing i want to note is the album cover. Originally the artwork was the members of Exodus depicted as cannibals, really nothing too shocking but for some reason people thought it was ‘too extreme’ so they decided to ban the artwork! Instead we get just a photo of the band sitting at a bar with some skulls… I’ll be honest with you. I think it sucks.

Seriously, what retard came up with this!?

As i said before, Pleasures Of The Flesh is mostly in the same vein as Bonded By Blood except for one thing, Baloff is out and Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza is in! While we could start an endless debate about who is the best singer, i think we can all agree that they are both awesome!

I almost forgot about the album itself! It starts with Deranged, a great song about (you guessed it) a deranged person. The riff in this song is great and for the first song people ever heard with Steve on vocals i would say he makes a good first impression! The lyrics are also great,

“Voices inside my head are making me go mad
Now I’m afraid to sleep from nightmares that I’ve had
I feel I’m on the edge, I need some kind of cure
Now I’ve gone and killed someone, I’m mentally disturbed!”

Parasite continues the onslaught after the in my opinion boring ‘Til Death Do Us Part. Parasite has that old school Exodus style written all over it, and could have easily appeared on Bonded By Blood. The solo’s by Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt are fast and furious, melodic, yet ferocious! One of my favorites is Brain Dead, probably because it’s also the name of one of my favorite movies. This one isn’t fast or anything, but it’s an awesome headbaging song nonetheless! It’s not as catchy as The Toxic Waltz but they did play this one live often back in the day (must have been a blast!).

Faster Than You’ll Ever Live To Be is another classic Exodus song. Although i’m not sure about the speed of this song (it’s fast alright, but faster than i’ll live to be?), nevertheless good friendly violent fun with this one! The title track Pleasures Of The Flesh actually sounds more like a present day Exodus song (if it was in d-tuning and with rob dukes ruining it), also the song is about eight minutes long, another trademark of the newer songs. It has some great melodic parts in it and a heavy as fuck main riff!

Fun fact, the song 30 Seconds is actually 40 seconds!

Chemi-Kill is the last song i’m going to talk about. This one has lots of tempo changes and suprisingly more melodic vocals by Souza. This one even has an epic clean part in the middle of the song which helps to lift the song up higher than you avarage thrash song. The last thing i would like to say is that the lyrics are awesome.

“They just want
To make another buck
They couldn’t care what happens
They wouldn’t give a fuck
Their big house way up on a hill
Was paid for in death
It’s chemi-kill!”

Closing Comments

Pleasures Of The Flesh is a great album by Exodus, perhaps a little sandwiched in between Bonded By Blood and Fabulous Disaster. I think that’s why this one gets overlooked nowadays, similar to the way i think So Far So Good So What! By Megadeth gets overlooked too. Give this one a listen, this is definitely a good thrash album!

– Klikovreter

Pleasures Of The Flesh

Exodus – The Demo’s (1983 – 1990) Review

The band of this month: Exodus. As said in the Bonded by Blood review; A band formed in 1979 in San Francisco, California, by Tom Hunting and Kirk Hammett.


We all know their studio albums, but most people don’t know about their demo’s, split’s and live albums. I’ll tell you guys more about it!

 This week I’ll talk about the early demo’s. I guess most of you already knew that Kirk Hammett was the guitar player of Exodus from 1979 towards 1983. The lineup back then was Tom Hunting, Carlton Melson, Kirk Hammet and Tim Agnello. Before Keith Stewart started to sing (1980) drummer Tom Hunting had been singing in the band. Soon Agnello and Melson left the band to be replaced by Gary Holt (guitars) and Jeff Andrews (bass). Also Stewart left the band. This is the moment where most of the Exodus fans are waiting for: Paul Baloff joined the band! (1981)

 After a year they released a demo. This demo has no name and only three songs; Whipping Queen, Death and Domination and Warlords. It was self-released and about 11 minutes long. Early 1983 they (self-)released another demo called Die by His hand. This piece had two songs and this is the last record with Hammett (replaced by Rick Hunolt) and Andrews (replaced by Rob McKillop.) Later that same year the demo version of the songs Bonded by Blood, Death Row, Hell’s Breath and No Love came out.


The next demo (1984) called “Turk Street demo” will get some more attention than the three I discussed before since it contains the songs that brought the band to where they are now. The demo has officially no name. But since it’s produced by Doug Piercy (Heathen) at the “Turk Street Studios” the demo got that name. Some copies have an additional thirty second instrumental. On this demo almost every song that’s on the album Bonded by Blood is there already. Baloff only sang on the first three songs: Bonded by Blood, Exodus & And then there were none.) Because the band ran out of money before they could record all the vocal tracks. About those three songs…These songs haven’t change that much, the lyrics, riffs and everything (except the intro on Bonded by Blood and maybe some vocal parts) are still the same. Baloff’s vocals are duplicated on the most parts which gives a menacing feeling to the song. He sings different than on the album version. But he already had his shouting vocals. In my opinion you can hear his real skills more on this demo than on the later releases. His shouts are much more powerful and much more aggressive. The background vocals are also already there. Although they don’t shout the words “Bonded by Blood” all on the same time, it adds the thrashy feeling. The Exodus. Why this song starts with annoying sounds, burping and other stuff I have no idea. But when the song kicks in it’s time to headbang! Baloff finishes things song with a shout which most black metal bands can learn from! And Then There Were None… There are much more background vocals on this demo than on the later release. In my opinion that’s great but it also makes the song more chaotic. Too bad the first solo isn’t record that well. The other songs have the riffwork and solo’s we all know. Sometimes a guitar player uses his Floyd Rose (vibrato) much more. The guitar parts are sloppy at some parts but the solid bass and drum line makes the songs great headbang pieces. The sound of the solo’s are a bit neglected. The rights guitar solo’s are most of the time too soft while the left guitar is perfect in volume way of speaking. A great demo, if they had more money at that time to record the vocals and paid (literally) attention to the instruments this demo had might be even better than the Bonded By Blood album if you ask me.


Later that year they released a demo called: “A Lesson in Violence.” A fast song with pounding drums and wall of guitar and bass sounds. On this record Baloff’s vocals has much improved and the instruments are recorded better than the “Turk Street demo” tape. Also Strike of the Beast is on this demo, this time WITH vocals!

 In 1990 they released their last demo so far. This is the only demo who has been released by a record company (Capitol Records, 2 singels, 1 ep and 2 full-length albums with Exodus.) The demo is called: “Four Albus and Still No Ballad” great name if you ask me. It contains four songs: Impact is Imminent, Changing of the Guard, Objection Overruled and The Lunatic Parade. Which all can be found in the album that came out later that same year; Impact is Imminent.

I hope you guys enjoyed my first review here! Next week I’ll be back with a review about their live albums!

– EternalVio-Lence


Exodus – Bonded by Blood (1985) Review

Hi people, let’s begin it!

As everybody already knows, the whole month we will talk about one of the greatest thrash metal bands, formed in 1979 in San Francisco, California, by Tom Hunting and Kirk Hammett, the Exodus!  To begin it, I will start with the best album of their whole discography in my opinion, the classic Bonded by Blood.

One of my favorite covers…

Paul Baloff (R.I.P.), Rob McKillop, Tom Hunting, Rick Hunolt and Gary Holt, put these dudes in a band to make some record, the thing that will come surely would be killer. Well, it was what these dudes made in this killer album! The album starts with the track Bonded by Blood one of the more classic songs of the album, a perfect thrash metal gem that talks about a blood pact, Kirk, Baloff and the other dudes made this pact also, well, it’s a killer song! It starts so, a noise comes getting higher and higher and higher then the song starts with it’s main riff, that will mark your mind forever! Paul Ballof’s vocals are ferocious, striking and really stands out throughout the album! The next is Exodus, a nice thrash metal song, with a cool chorus, but there is better tracks, I spotlight the solos of this song, one of the best solos of the album!

The upcoming track is And Then There Were None, with this title you can guess what the song talks about, it’s a mid tempo song, with cool riffs, but the best part of the song is when the solo starts, the background guitar gets faster and the drums too, simply bang your head! Then comes A Lesson In Violence one of my favorite songs too, this is fast, addicting, this is violent, this is a real example of how thrash metal is made, I love the lyrics of this song, it’s cruel! I simply LOVE the chorus!

“Fight! – for what you believe to be right,
crushing with all your might, I laugh at their pitiful cries, they run from the fire in my eyes!
Nothing can save them now! You’ve learned a lesson in violence, get on your knees and bow or learn a lesson in violence!”

The solos are very awesome in this song too, this is thrash metal at it’s best!

Metal Command is the name of the 5th track, a fast song that talks about obey and fight to defend our metal rights, one of my favorites solos are here in this song, so captivating, and the chorus kick asses! “This song ain’t about no goldfish, and it ain’t about no tuna fish, and it ain’t about no trout! This song is called Piranha!!!”  This song is simply bestial, the main guitar riff makes you thrash your head against a wall till your brain ooze from your nose, the lyrics are about the pretty ones that are trapped in swamps by gates of hell which you can NEVER let them out, because if you do and they escape surely you’ll fight a bloody bout! There is two songs that I really don’t like too much, the first is No Love is the 7th track, it starts with a acoustic guitar intro, very pretty. The song is about a satanic invocation or something like it,

“Turn to look at baphomet from below and not above welcome to my sacrifice tonight there’ll be no love”

the other is Deliver Us to Evil, despite the good title I think it is a little boring, maybe because it’s the longest song on the album, having 7 minutes, maybe you like it. But the album ends with one of the best tracks, Strike of the Beast another cruel definition of how thrash metal have to be made! The main riff is addicting, the whole song is very fast, the fastest! The lyrics are awesome and the simple chorus that will make you sing so loudly making your throat hurt!

Time! To run! Or fight! Off the strike! Of the beast!

Closing Comments

The thing is, if you do not worship this album, there’s something wrong with you.

Addicted To Exodus!

What’s up thrashers!

This month is a special month, because we are going to try something new. We are going to dedicate this month to one of the greatest thrash metal bands of all time. You guessed it, fuckin’ Exodus. One of the earliest of their kind, and today still influencing many across the world. We are going to review all the Exodus albums, from Bonded By Blood until Exhibit B: The Human Condition. Even though probably every thrasher knows Bonded By Blood or Fabulous Disaster, some of their other albums get overlooked sometimes. It’s our duty to expose the hidden gems for you! So prepare your anus, because this month it’s all about EXODUS! Get up off your ass and  TOXIC WALTZ and get ready for some good old FRIENDLY VIOLENT FUN!

– Klikovreter

The pit is it!

Xentrix – For Whose Advantage? (1990) Review

What’s up mosh addicts? Today i’m going to talk about Xentrix. Xentrix is one of the few bands that have a name that starts with the letter x. Seriously, how many bands can you name that start with that letter? Originally formed in 1985 and released a bunch of albums until the late ‘90s, when they unfortunately split up. For Whose Advantage? seems to be the album that most people remember them by (or the Ghostbusters cover of course) and for good reason, ‘cause this is one great classic that shouldn’t be missing in any thrashers collection!

This guy means business.

So, let’s get this party started! The first song is Questions, that begins with an epic melodic dual guitar extravaganza and then continues into epic riffage that reminds me somewhat of EvilDead. The singing by Chris Astley (Brother of Rick?) is awesome, like a more aggressive sounding James Hetfield. After that it’s time for the titel track For Whose Advantage?. It starts with a bass line with a man speaking over it, and then it’s off to another great melodic intro. The riffs are simply mind-bogglingly awesome and the song has a great message:

“Invade in trust, ideals unjust
Hide your reality
Invisible truth, enslaving youth
For useless vanity”

For Whose Advantage? is truly one of the greatest thrash metal songs ever written, a masterpiece that might overshadow the rest of the album. The Human Condition  is a little short compared to the rest of the songs, but once again nothing short of awesome. A more straight forward song than the rest, but nonetheless good as shit.
New Beginnings is an amazing acoustic instrumental song that serves as (sort of) an intro to the next song, Desperate Remedies. Probably the most mosh-able song on the whole cd, because of it’s awesome intro.

Closing Comments

For Whose Advantage? is a thrash metal masterpiece that you simply have to listen. This would have made Xentrix super popular back in the day, but they were a little late to the party. In 1990 thrash was already making it’s decline and that’s why not that many people know about this. Give this one a spin and you won’t be dissapointed!

– Klikovreter

MX – Simoniacal (1988) Review

Hi guys! Today I will review about another brazilian classic band (please, don’t get angry with me because i’m always posting a new brazilian band, I love the old school scene and there is some bands that you guys simply HAVE to know!) Let’s start it! The band that I will review today is called MX, they have returned to the stages and I want so much to see them live, but I have to wait they come to my state, but, well, the band was formed in 1985 in São Paulo, by Alexandre da Cunha, Décio Fragnani, Alexandre “Morto (Dead)” Favoretto and Beraldo (R.I.P.) (this last I guess). They play that fast and well done thrash closer to bay area thrash metal than brazilian thrash, with death metal grunts, with some slow parts and nice solos and lyrics talking about war, society, religion, horror movies, etc. They were the opening acts in Brazil for Testament in 1989 and Exodus in 1997. The album I will write is called Simoniacal released in 1988.


(Fuck! Don’t smash this money, i have to buy new equipment!)

The album starts with my favorite song of the album, Dirty Bitch, a fast thrash metal song with funny lyrics talking about a ugly bitch, with a simple but catchy chorus (“We go to fuck this bitch now,fuck off this bitch! We go to fuck this bitch now,fuck off this bitch!”) is a short and fast song, not a incredible but will make you surely bang your head. The next song is Fighting for the Bastards, that talks about evil people that end with the life of people who wanted to keep living, a song with nice solos and riffs made to make you ask yourself why you didn’t discovered this band before. The next song is Satanic Noise, the lyrics are really cool, talks about the sound of the band! (“A noise breaking the silence of depths, a noise that came to change your life, a noise that came to stay, a noise that came to shock!”) This song will be one of your favorites songs of this album, that’s for sure! Just sing with me the chorus, “We’re all a death legion, a infernal machine!”. And, there is other two songs that I have to spotlight,the first is Jason (YES!!!!!) one of the best songs of the album, good lyrics and chorus (“Killing and making sacrifices, his blood is cold, to avenge the soul of his mother, when you think that he is dead, Jason is alive“) and Dark Dream, I’ll give a cookie for guessing which character from horror movie this songs talks about! No, I won’t, I will eat it and say to you that the song talks about Freddy Krueger, in my opinion it’s one of the best songs!

Closing Comments

Simoniacal is surely one of the best releases of the worldwide thrash metal,if you doesn’t have listened to it yet, please, listen to it,bang so much and be a little bit happy, hahaha, well… just bang your head and sing it loud!