Destruction – Mad Butcher EP (1987) Review

I hope you guys had liked the Exodus month, now we will continue with random reviews here, well, and in the beginning of the Halloween month, I will talk about the Mad Butcher ep, Released in 1987 by the german thrash metal gods Destruction.

Really nice cover!

Through the Blackstreets of the town his steps are clanging, now he’s wanton, oh he’s panting in his hand a blade of solid steel, now it’s the time you got to feel! YES!  The first track is simply called Mad Butcher, one of the favorite songs of every Destruction fan! Killer riffs, and the vocals of Schmier are very striking. The drummer, Olly Kaiser will make you bang your head here also, this song is surely a thrash metal gem that still be playing live til nowadays, and the end is pretty funny, they start to play nothing more nothing less than the Pink Panther theme, hahahaha! Very funny. The second track is The Damned, a cover of the punk rock band The Plasmatics, the song begins a little bit captivating, with a serene vocal, it have nice riffs, and a guitar killer solos, a excellent cover, one of the highlights of the EP. When the acoustic guitars begins beware, the hate will spread! Reject Emotions is one of the best thrash metal songs of ever, it have a acid lyrics, nice guitar work as always, with excellent guitar solos, exciting drums, and a catchy chorus,

“Reject Emotions, satisfiy your feelings… victim of lust, trapped in lunatic possession, reject emotions, too horny to be alone, reject emotions…”

The last song is The Last Judgement a killer instrumental with acoustic guitar riffs and very fast guitar solos, something clearly inspired in Yngwie Malmsteen, this song is really HARDCORE.

Closing Comments

This is a excellent ep that have to be listen by every true thrash metal fan, it’s short and catchy, all the songs are really good, surely you will thrash very much for this!

Vectom – Speed Revolution (1985) Review

Among classic thrash metal bands, Vectom doesn’t get brought  up a lot. They only released two albums in 1985 and 1986 and actually kept going until 1993, but in that seven year period didn’t release anything except for a demo called Sattelites in 1992.  After that they seemingly dissapeared from the face of the earth, never reformed or released any live albums. It’s a shame though, because Speed Revolution is actually pretty good. Pretty damn good.


The cover art looks pretty wierd though, like a bunch of black KKK members. Would that be the opposite of regular KKK members? Ones that hate white people? Anyway, the album starts out good with a guy talking in slow motion and we’re off to a speeding start with the title track, Speed Revolution. Overall there is that ‘early thrash’ feel, with echoeing drums and the guitars fairly low in the mix (like Anthrax’ Spreading The Disease  or Hell Awaits by Slayer).

Another great track is Damned Love, a great song that begins with an epic scream by singer Christian Bucher (too bad it’s not Butcher) and overall epic riffage throughout. Loudness And Speed reminds me somewhat of Razor (which is a good thing!).

Closing comments

Is this really a revolution? Not really, this album might have been buried under other great releases the same year like Killing Is My Business…, Bonded By Blood, Power From Hell, Infernal Overkill and a lot of other awesome albums. Looking at this today it’s really not that special, but if you enjoy thrash metal like it was in it’s early stages then you’ll probably love this!

– Klikovreter

Damned Love