Xentrix – For Whose Advantage? (1990) Review

What’s up mosh addicts? Today i’m going to talk about Xentrix. Xentrix is one of the few bands that have a name that starts with the letter x. Seriously, how many bands can you name that start with that letter? Originally formed in 1985 and released a bunch of albums until the late ‘90s, when they unfortunately split up. For Whose Advantage? seems to be the album that most people remember them by (or the Ghostbusters cover of course) and for good reason, ‘cause this is one great classic that shouldn’t be missing in any thrashers collection!

This guy means business.

So, let’s get this party started! The first song is Questions, that begins with an epic melodic dual guitar extravaganza and then continues into epic riffage that reminds me somewhat of EvilDead. The singing by Chris Astley (Brother of Rick?) is awesome, like a more aggressive sounding James Hetfield. After that it’s time for the titel track For Whose Advantage?. It starts with a bass line with a man speaking over it, and then it’s off to another great melodic intro. The riffs are simply mind-bogglingly awesome and the song has a great message:

“Invade in trust, ideals unjust
Hide your reality
Invisible truth, enslaving youth
For useless vanity”

For Whose Advantage? is truly one of the greatest thrash metal songs ever written, a masterpiece that might overshadow the rest of the album. The Human Condition  is a little short compared to the rest of the songs, but once again nothing short of awesome. A more straight forward song than the rest, but nonetheless good as shit.
New Beginnings is an amazing acoustic instrumental song that serves as (sort of) an intro to the next song, Desperate Remedies. Probably the most mosh-able song on the whole cd, because of it’s awesome intro.

Closing Comments

For Whose Advantage? is a thrash metal masterpiece that you simply have to listen. This would have made Xentrix super popular back in the day, but they were a little late to the party. In 1990 thrash was already making it’s decline and that’s why not that many people know about this. Give this one a spin and you won’t be dissapointed!

– Klikovreter