Exodus – Let There Be Blood (2008) Review

Let me start off this review by asking a question. Why? Why does this ungodly piece of filth exist? Why did they feel the need of remaking one of the most classic, most appreciated compact discs in thrash metal history? Suicidal Tendencies did it (Still Cyco), Tankard did it (Best Case Senario), Anthrax did it (The Greater Of Two Evils) and even Sodom did it (The Final Sign Of Evil). Even though the necessity of those releases are debatable, none of them come even close to being as pointless as this inhumane collection of absolute shit.

No comment.

Let me tell you something, if i have ever seen a complete waste of plastic, it’s the casing that holds this cd. For some reason, Gary Holt and his companions thought that this amazing masterpiece should be re-made. According to him to “Give it the benefit of modern production”. Are you fucking kidding me? The production on Bonded By Blood was raw at best but i wasn’t horrible! If any of the should be remade it would be Impact is Imminent, the guitars there sound way to ‘digital’ compared to their other albums. So why do i hate this album so much? First of all, it sounds way to good. As i’ve said earlier the ‘benefit of modern production’ does not apply here. The reason why the original sounds so good it’s because of it’s raw, primitive quality. The same goes for other albums of the time (Kill ‘Em All comes to mind). The new version just sounds way too polished and perfect. Second, there is no Paul Baloff. They took the only studio album that he appeared on and replaced him with good ol’ Rob Dukes. It has already been discussed what i think about his vocal style (in fact, he placed last in our ‘favourtie singer’ poll) and it just doesn’t go well with these songs. Paul is legendary among thrashers and is by you guys considered to be the best singer that Exodus ever had!

The experience i (and most of you) had with this album can best be described like this: Your uncle once gave you a teddy bear that you’ve loved for years. You have other stuffed animals too but not a single one comes close to being as awesome as that one teddy bear. Other things come along but that teddy bear will always have a special place with you. A few years later the uncle who gave you the bear visits you. He rapes and sodomizes your favourite bear, throws in in the trash, gives you a new one that is almost identical and says “Here, take this one, this one is newer. It is pretty much the same, only in a better condition!”. Even though he raped your favorite toy you will never forget the old one for being the coolest thing ever, and he will never be replaced!

Bonded By Blood has been voted by you as the best Exodus album ever, Paul Baloff as the best singer, Let There Be Blood as the worst album and Rob Dukes as the worst singer. You do the math.

Closing Comments

Stay away from this awful piece of shit.

– Klikovreter

Do yourself a favour and listen to the original!

Exodus – The Demo’s (1983 – 1990) Review

The band of this month: Exodus. As said in the Bonded by Blood review; A band formed in 1979 in San Francisco, California, by Tom Hunting and Kirk Hammett.


We all know their studio albums, but most people don’t know about their demo’s, split’s and live albums. I’ll tell you guys more about it!

 This week I’ll talk about the early demo’s. I guess most of you already knew that Kirk Hammett was the guitar player of Exodus from 1979 towards 1983. The lineup back then was Tom Hunting, Carlton Melson, Kirk Hammet and Tim Agnello. Before Keith Stewart started to sing (1980) drummer Tom Hunting had been singing in the band. Soon Agnello and Melson left the band to be replaced by Gary Holt (guitars) and Jeff Andrews (bass). Also Stewart left the band. This is the moment where most of the Exodus fans are waiting for: Paul Baloff joined the band! (1981)

 After a year they released a demo. This demo has no name and only three songs; Whipping Queen, Death and Domination and Warlords. It was self-released and about 11 minutes long. Early 1983 they (self-)released another demo called Die by His hand. This piece had two songs and this is the last record with Hammett (replaced by Rick Hunolt) and Andrews (replaced by Rob McKillop.) Later that same year the demo version of the songs Bonded by Blood, Death Row, Hell’s Breath and No Love came out.


The next demo (1984) called “Turk Street demo” will get some more attention than the three I discussed before since it contains the songs that brought the band to where they are now. The demo has officially no name. But since it’s produced by Doug Piercy (Heathen) at the “Turk Street Studios” the demo got that name. Some copies have an additional thirty second instrumental. On this demo almost every song that’s on the album Bonded by Blood is there already. Baloff only sang on the first three songs: Bonded by Blood, Exodus & And then there were none.) Because the band ran out of money before they could record all the vocal tracks. About those three songs…These songs haven’t change that much, the lyrics, riffs and everything (except the intro on Bonded by Blood and maybe some vocal parts) are still the same. Baloff’s vocals are duplicated on the most parts which gives a menacing feeling to the song. He sings different than on the album version. But he already had his shouting vocals. In my opinion you can hear his real skills more on this demo than on the later releases. His shouts are much more powerful and much more aggressive. The background vocals are also already there. Although they don’t shout the words “Bonded by Blood” all on the same time, it adds the thrashy feeling. The Exodus. Why this song starts with annoying sounds, burping and other stuff I have no idea. But when the song kicks in it’s time to headbang! Baloff finishes things song with a shout which most black metal bands can learn from! And Then There Were None… There are much more background vocals on this demo than on the later release. In my opinion that’s great but it also makes the song more chaotic. Too bad the first solo isn’t record that well. The other songs have the riffwork and solo’s we all know. Sometimes a guitar player uses his Floyd Rose (vibrato) much more. The guitar parts are sloppy at some parts but the solid bass and drum line makes the songs great headbang pieces. The sound of the solo’s are a bit neglected. The rights guitar solo’s are most of the time too soft while the left guitar is perfect in volume way of speaking. A great demo, if they had more money at that time to record the vocals and paid (literally) attention to the instruments this demo had might be even better than the Bonded By Blood album if you ask me.


Later that year they released a demo called: “A Lesson in Violence.” A fast song with pounding drums and wall of guitar and bass sounds. On this record Baloff’s vocals has much improved and the instruments are recorded better than the “Turk Street demo” tape. Also Strike of the Beast is on this demo, this time WITH vocals!

 In 1990 they released their last demo so far. This is the only demo who has been released by a record company (Capitol Records, 2 singels, 1 ep and 2 full-length albums with Exodus.) The demo is called: “Four Albus and Still No Ballad” great name if you ask me. It contains four songs: Impact is Imminent, Changing of the Guard, Objection Overruled and The Lunatic Parade. Which all can be found in the album that came out later that same year; Impact is Imminent.

I hope you guys enjoyed my first review here! Next week I’ll be back with a review about their live albums!

– EternalVio-Lence


Exodus – Bonded by Blood (1985) Review

Hi people, let’s begin it!

As everybody already knows, the whole month we will talk about one of the greatest thrash metal bands, formed in 1979 in San Francisco, California, by Tom Hunting and Kirk Hammett, the Exodus!  To begin it, I will start with the best album of their whole discography in my opinion, the classic Bonded by Blood.

One of my favorite covers…

Paul Baloff (R.I.P.), Rob McKillop, Tom Hunting, Rick Hunolt and Gary Holt, put these dudes in a band to make some record, the thing that will come surely would be killer. Well, it was what these dudes made in this killer album! The album starts with the track Bonded by Blood one of the more classic songs of the album, a perfect thrash metal gem that talks about a blood pact, Kirk, Baloff and the other dudes made this pact also, well, it’s a killer song! It starts so, a noise comes getting higher and higher and higher then the song starts with it’s main riff, that will mark your mind forever! Paul Ballof’s vocals are ferocious, striking and really stands out throughout the album! The next is Exodus, a nice thrash metal song, with a cool chorus, but there is better tracks, I spotlight the solos of this song, one of the best solos of the album!

The upcoming track is And Then There Were None, with this title you can guess what the song talks about, it’s a mid tempo song, with cool riffs, but the best part of the song is when the solo starts, the background guitar gets faster and the drums too, simply bang your head! Then comes A Lesson In Violence one of my favorite songs too, this is fast, addicting, this is violent, this is a real example of how thrash metal is made, I love the lyrics of this song, it’s cruel! I simply LOVE the chorus!

“Fight! – for what you believe to be right,
crushing with all your might, I laugh at their pitiful cries, they run from the fire in my eyes!
Nothing can save them now! You’ve learned a lesson in violence, get on your knees and bow or learn a lesson in violence!”

The solos are very awesome in this song too, this is thrash metal at it’s best!

Metal Command is the name of the 5th track, a fast song that talks about obey and fight to defend our metal rights, one of my favorites solos are here in this song, so captivating, and the chorus kick asses! “This song ain’t about no goldfish, and it ain’t about no tuna fish, and it ain’t about no trout! This song is called Piranha!!!”  This song is simply bestial, the main guitar riff makes you thrash your head against a wall till your brain ooze from your nose, the lyrics are about the pretty ones that are trapped in swamps by gates of hell which you can NEVER let them out, because if you do and they escape surely you’ll fight a bloody bout! There is two songs that I really don’t like too much, the first is No Love is the 7th track, it starts with a acoustic guitar intro, very pretty. The song is about a satanic invocation or something like it,

“Turn to look at baphomet from below and not above welcome to my sacrifice tonight there’ll be no love”

the other is Deliver Us to Evil, despite the good title I think it is a little boring, maybe because it’s the longest song on the album, having 7 minutes, maybe you like it. But the album ends with one of the best tracks, Strike of the Beast another cruel definition of how thrash metal have to be made! The main riff is addicting, the whole song is very fast, the fastest! The lyrics are awesome and the simple chorus that will make you sing so loudly making your throat hurt!

Time! To run! Or fight! Off the strike! Of the beast!

Closing Comments

The thing is, if you do not worship this album, there’s something wrong with you.