Exodus – Let There Be Blood (2008) Review

Let me start off this review by asking a question. Why? Why does this ungodly piece of filth exist? Why did they feel the need of remaking one of the most classic, most appreciated compact discs in thrash metal history? Suicidal Tendencies did it (Still Cyco), Tankard did it (Best Case Senario), Anthrax did it (The Greater Of Two Evils) and even Sodom did it (The Final Sign Of Evil). Even though the necessity of those releases are debatable, none of them come even close to being as pointless as this inhumane collection of absolute shit.

No comment.

Let me tell you something, if i have ever seen a complete waste of plastic, it’s the casing that holds this cd. For some reason, Gary Holt and his companions thought that this amazing masterpiece should be re-made. According to him to “Give it the benefit of modern production”. Are you fucking kidding me? The production on Bonded By Blood was raw at best but i wasn’t horrible! If any of the should be remade it would be Impact is Imminent, the guitars there sound way to ‘digital’ compared to their other albums. So why do i hate this album so much? First of all, it sounds way to good. As i’ve said earlier the ‘benefit of modern production’ does not apply here. The reason why the original sounds so good it’s because of it’s raw, primitive quality. The same goes for other albums of the time (Kill ‘Em All comes to mind). The new version just sounds way too polished and perfect. Second, there is no Paul Baloff. They took the only studio album that he appeared on and replaced him with good ol’ Rob Dukes. It has already been discussed what i think about his vocal style (in fact, he placed last in our ‘favourtie singer’ poll) and it just doesn’t go well with these songs. Paul is legendary among thrashers and is by you guys considered to be the best singer that Exodus ever had!

The experience i (and most of you) had with this album can best be described like this: Your uncle once gave you a teddy bear that you’ve loved for years. You have other stuffed animals too but not a single one comes close to being as awesome as that one teddy bear. Other things come along but that teddy bear will always have a special place with you. A few years later the uncle who gave you the bear visits you. He rapes and sodomizes your favourite bear, throws in in the trash, gives you a new one that is almost identical and says “Here, take this one, this one is newer. It is pretty much the same, only in a better condition!”. Even though he raped your favorite toy you will never forget the old one for being the coolest thing ever, and he will never be replaced!

Bonded By Blood has been voted by you as the best Exodus album ever, Paul Baloff as the best singer, Let There Be Blood as the worst album and Rob Dukes as the worst singer. You do the math.

Closing Comments

Stay away from this awful piece of shit.

– Klikovreter

Do yourself a favour and listen to the original!


Waking The Dead/The Shining – Thrash Attack Split (2008) Review

Waking The Dead started back in 2006, five minutes after drummer Mike D. quit the band Skulls And Flames. Waking The Dead blended thrash metal with fast hardcore and it proved an epic combination. Over the course of six years Waking The Dead would release one demo, two splits and one full length before they decided to pull the plug this year.

The Shining was founded in 2001 for only one reason, playing loud and fast as fuck agressive alcohol-fueled music! After all these years they are still going strong, they have release  a bunch of records and split LP’s and they also have a split upcoming with none other than Possuido Pelo Cão!

Enough with the history lesson, you want to know what this is about. Even though the Dutch scene is called the ‘Dead Area’ the music is far from dead! This split brings us fast and agressive Thrashcore that punches you in the stomach and gives you no time to breathe! The songs are all short and fast, no technical guitar riffs or amazing solo’s here. Is that something i’m going to complain about? Of course not!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a beer (or a whole crate) and start destroying everything in sight! And when you do, let this be the soundtrack!


The Shining side

Waking The Dead Side