Destruction – Mad Butcher EP (1987) Review

I hope you guys had liked the Exodus month, now we will continue with random reviews here, well, and in the beginning of the Halloween month, I will talk about the Mad Butcher ep, Released in 1987 by the german thrash metal gods Destruction.

Really nice cover!

Through the Blackstreets of the town his steps are clanging, now he’s wanton, oh he’s panting in his hand a blade of solid steel, now it’s the time you got to feel! YES!  The first track is simply called Mad Butcher, one of the favorite songs of every Destruction fan! Killer riffs, and the vocals of Schmier are very striking. The drummer, Olly Kaiser will make you bang your head here also, this song is surely a thrash metal gem that still be playing live til nowadays, and the end is pretty funny, they start to play nothing more nothing less than the Pink Panther theme, hahahaha! Very funny. The second track is The Damned, a cover of the punk rock band The Plasmatics, the song begins a little bit captivating, with a serene vocal, it have nice riffs, and a guitar killer solos, a excellent cover, one of the highlights of the EP. When the acoustic guitars begins beware, the hate will spread! Reject Emotions is one of the best thrash metal songs of ever, it have a acid lyrics, nice guitar work as always, with excellent guitar solos, exciting drums, and a catchy chorus,

“Reject Emotions, satisfiy your feelings… victim of lust, trapped in lunatic possession, reject emotions, too horny to be alone, reject emotions…”

The last song is The Last Judgement a killer instrumental with acoustic guitar riffs and very fast guitar solos, something clearly inspired in Yngwie Malmsteen, this song is really HARDCORE.

Closing Comments

This is a excellent ep that have to be listen by every true thrash metal fan, it’s short and catchy, all the songs are really good, surely you will thrash very much for this!

Exodus – Pleasures Of The Flesh (1987) Review

What’s up! My first review of Exodus month will be Pleasures Of The Flesh, from good ol’ 1987. I feel that this is a very overlooked album in Exodus’ discography, because songs from this album are almost never played live nowadays (They used to be though). There are some great songs on this album that continue in the same vein as Bonded By Blood.

Look at that beautiful artwork!

The first thing i want to note is the album cover. Originally the artwork was the members of Exodus depicted as cannibals, really nothing too shocking but for some reason people thought it was ‘too extreme’ so they decided to ban the artwork! Instead we get just a photo of the band sitting at a bar with some skulls… I’ll be honest with you. I think it sucks.

Seriously, what retard came up with this!?

As i said before, Pleasures Of The Flesh is mostly in the same vein as Bonded By Blood except for one thing, Baloff is out and Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza is in! While we could start an endless debate about who is the best singer, i think we can all agree that they are both awesome!

I almost forgot about the album itself! It starts with Deranged, a great song about (you guessed it) a deranged person. The riff in this song is great and for the first song people ever heard with Steve on vocals i would say he makes a good first impression! The lyrics are also great,

“Voices inside my head are making me go mad
Now I’m afraid to sleep from nightmares that I’ve had
I feel I’m on the edge, I need some kind of cure
Now I’ve gone and killed someone, I’m mentally disturbed!”

Parasite continues the onslaught after the in my opinion boring ‘Til Death Do Us Part. Parasite has that old school Exodus style written all over it, and could have easily appeared on Bonded By Blood. The solo’s by Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt are fast and furious, melodic, yet ferocious! One of my favorites is Brain Dead, probably because it’s also the name of one of my favorite movies. This one isn’t fast or anything, but it’s an awesome headbaging song nonetheless! It’s not as catchy as The Toxic Waltz but they did play this one live often back in the day (must have been a blast!).

Faster Than You’ll Ever Live To Be is another classic Exodus song. Although i’m not sure about the speed of this song (it’s fast alright, but faster than i’ll live to be?), nevertheless good friendly violent fun with this one! The title track Pleasures Of The Flesh actually sounds more like a present day Exodus song (if it was in d-tuning and with rob dukes ruining it), also the song is about eight minutes long, another trademark of the newer songs. It has some great melodic parts in it and a heavy as fuck main riff!

Fun fact, the song 30 Seconds is actually 40 seconds!

Chemi-Kill is the last song i’m going to talk about. This one has lots of tempo changes and suprisingly more melodic vocals by Souza. This one even has an epic clean part in the middle of the song which helps to lift the song up higher than you avarage thrash song. The last thing i would like to say is that the lyrics are awesome.

“They just want
To make another buck
They couldn’t care what happens
They wouldn’t give a fuck
Their big house way up on a hill
Was paid for in death
It’s chemi-kill!”

Closing Comments

Pleasures Of The Flesh is a great album by Exodus, perhaps a little sandwiched in between Bonded By Blood and Fabulous Disaster. I think that’s why this one gets overlooked nowadays, similar to the way i think So Far So Good So What! By Megadeth gets overlooked too. Give this one a listen, this is definitely a good thrash album!

– Klikovreter

Pleasures Of The Flesh

Devastation – Dispensable Bloodshed (1987) Review

Hi folks! Today I will write about a band that isn’t pure thrash metal, it’s a death/thrash metal band called Devastation from the USA (finally a band that isn’t from Brazil, huh? hahahaha!) formed in 1986 by Frank Ciampi, Erv Brautigam, Duane Rasmussen and Pat Buckley. Unfortunally they have released only one album, called Dispensable Bloodshed released in 1987, it’s a great collection of insane riffs with songs talking about death, destruction and violence, let’s start it!


The album starts with Cranial Hemorrhage, i’m not a great fan of songs with mid tempo (i want velocity!) but this song got me and knocked me out! One of the best tracks I’ve ever heard, I can imagine the band in the 80’s playing this song and everybody banging in the rhythm of the main riff that is fucking cool, but the song has fast riffs too, making it perfect.  The next is Dispensible Bloodshed that starts with a bass and drums intro, a nice intro, then comes the guitar with a nice riff that turns to a fast slaughter, not the best track but surely a good one. The next song is called Genetic Poisoning that talks about the cruel agent orange (“agent orange, in the air, taking lives, silently, breathing more, breathing deep”), the song starts with a creepy intro that is a children choir, or something like it, probably is from some horror movie from the 80’s, then comes a simple but neckbreaking guitar riff, this is one of my favorite tracks, it has a nice chorus too, with tempo variations, one of the best tracks as I already said. Another PERFECT track is “The Instrumental”, holy fuck! One of the best thrash metal instrumentals I’ve ever heard, together with Inquisition Symphony by Sepultura. It starts with a very pretty acoustic guitar intro, very captivating, then the slaughter begins again! A lot of insane riffs, when this track ends, you will faint to the ground.

Closing Comments

Dispensable Bloodshed is one of the best released that I’ve ever heard and I think this band has not the popularity that them should have, if you like that cruel, fast, visceral and neckbreaking death/thrash metal with nice solos, insane drums, with a vocal done by a maniac, I have here the perfect album for you. Then, go listen to it and sing with me the Cranial Hemorrhage’s chorus!


Cranial hemorrhage, i’m bleeding violently, weakening faster, fighting for life!

Anthares – No Limite da Força (1987) Review

Hey people! Here’s a good thrash metal album from the huge oldschool brazilian scene that I will review to you all!

Anthares is a thrash metal band formed in 1983 in São Paulo, Brazil. They recorded one demo in 85, then in 1987 they recorded and released this thrash metal masterpiece called No Limite da Força (In the Limit of the Strength).


This cover reminds me Metallica’s Ride the Lightning, but, anyway, this cover is better…

Well,let’s begin it! The album starts with the instrumental Anthares ,a slow instrumental with captivating lead guitars, not one of the best instrumental intro tracks that I’ve heard but, it’s a cool track, when the song ends, start one of the most fast and furious thrash metal songs ever! Fúria (Fury) is a insane song, created to make you bang your head til you break your neck, the lyrics talk about the domination of the world by the evil and by the heavy metal (“In the infinite universe, hate spreads in the air, the death is a constant, and heavy metal to dominate” or “Fury! Fury! A war cry sounding… Fury! Fury! Heavy Metal!”). The next song is the eponymous track, No Limite da Força (In the Limit of the Strength), starts with a mid tempo riff with the drums following it, the song get faster, then gets slow again, (you got it?) the mid tempo riff backs again and WHAM BHAM ! the thrash metal slaughter begins, the lyrics talk about war and warriors (“Warriors are following the triumph in direction, with daggers , axes , chains riveted on hand, will reveal the limit of the strength”),another good song is Chacina (Slaughter) a fast song that talks about a loser man who channel all her anguish committing a massacre…

Closing Comments

No Limite da Força is a album for you, speed maniac, like me, that simply need to listen fast song all day long, you will not regret listening to this album, all songs start with a little slow intro that turns to a thrash metal slaughter. Not one the best albums of the world, but one of the albums that you will not regret to listen to!

– Blackthrasher


Anthares on facebook!

Chakal – Abominable Anno Domini (1987) Review

Hey folks!

In my first post I will write a review about one of my favorite albums of all time! Abominable Anno Domini by Chakal, a brazilian thrash legend from the same city of bands like Sepultura, Sarcófago, Mutilator etc…


Nice cover,huh?

Let’s begin it. The album starts with a true thrash metal gem, May Not The Mankind Suffer, which begins with a mid tempo, that turns to fast guitars and drums, with a emblematic lyrics and the animalistic vocals of Korg that explodes our heads without mercy, and with good and well done solos by the dual guitarists Pepeu and Mark.

The next song is The Planet is Dead, starts with drums and then comes a fast guitar riff making us start to mosh in the room,this song has a good lyrics too,saying about politics and corruption (Dirty politicians spewing lies, suits and ties, dummy disguises, growing fat with the hunger, breathing lust, bastards governors of the world…). There’s another song that I have to spotlight, it’s the song, Jason Lives, a truly classic! Thrash Metal at it’s best! Korg wears a Jason mask when the song is played live, I can’t wait to see them in September! I don’t need to talk nothing about the lyrics, the title says it all hehehe!

Closing Comments

Well, Abominable Anno Domini is a thrash metal masterpiece that you have to listen, the band is well known in my country and very important for the scene but I think they are not known internationally, it’s a pity.

– Blackthrasher