Addicted To Exodus!

What’s up thrashers!

This month is a special month, because we are going to try something new. We are going to dedicate this month to one of the greatest thrash metal bands of all time. You guessed it, fuckin’ Exodus. One of the earliest of their kind, and today still influencing many across the world. We are going to review all the Exodus albums, from Bonded By Blood until Exhibit B: The Human Condition. Even though probably every thrasher knows Bonded By Blood or Fabulous Disaster, some of their other albums get overlooked sometimes. It’s our duty to expose the hidden gems for you! So prepare your anus, because this month it’s all about EXODUS! Get up off your ass and  TOXIC WALTZ and get ready for some good old FRIENDLY VIOLENT FUN!

– Klikovreter

The pit is it!


About Calvin Foe

Mentaal geboren in de jaren '80. Toegewijd verzamelaar voor de Famicom, PlayStation, GameCube, Mega Drive en NES.

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