Vectom – Speed Revolution (1985) Review

Among classic thrash metal bands, Vectom doesn’t get brought  up a lot. They only released two albums in 1985 and 1986 and actually kept going until 1993, but in that seven year period didn’t release anything except for a demo called Sattelites in 1992.  After that they seemingly dissapeared from the face of the earth, never reformed or released any live albums. It’s a shame though, because Speed Revolution is actually pretty good. Pretty damn good.


The cover art looks pretty wierd though, like a bunch of black KKK members. Would that be the opposite of regular KKK members? Ones that hate white people? Anyway, the album starts out good with a guy talking in slow motion and we’re off to a speeding start with the title track, Speed Revolution. Overall there is that ‘early thrash’ feel, with echoeing drums and the guitars fairly low in the mix (like Anthrax’ Spreading The Disease  or Hell Awaits by Slayer).

Another great track is Damned Love, a great song that begins with an epic scream by singer Christian Bucher (too bad it’s not Butcher) and overall epic riffage throughout. Loudness And Speed reminds me somewhat of Razor (which is a good thing!).

Closing comments

Is this really a revolution? Not really, this album might have been buried under other great releases the same year like Killing Is My Business…, Bonded By Blood, Power From Hell, Infernal Overkill and a lot of other awesome albums. Looking at this today it’s really not that special, but if you enjoy thrash metal like it was in it’s early stages then you’ll probably love this!

– Klikovreter

Damned Love


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