Waking The Dead/The Shining – Thrash Attack Split (2008) Review

Waking The Dead started back in 2006, five minutes after drummer Mike D. quit the band Skulls And Flames. Waking The Dead blended thrash metal with fast hardcore and it proved an epic combination. Over the course of six years Waking The Dead would release one demo, two splits and one full length before they decided to pull the plug this year.

The Shining was founded in 2001 for only one reason, playing loud and fast as fuck agressive alcohol-fueled music! After all these years they are still going strong, they have release  a bunch of records and split LP’s and they also have a split upcoming with none other than Possuido Pelo Cão!

Enough with the history lesson, you want to know what this is about. Even though the Dutch scene is called the ‘Dead Area’ the music is far from dead! This split brings us fast and agressive Thrashcore that punches you in the stomach and gives you no time to breathe! The songs are all short and fast, no technical guitar riffs or amazing solo’s here. Is that something i’m going to complain about? Of course not!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a beer (or a whole crate) and start destroying everything in sight! And when you do, let this be the soundtrack!


The Shining side

Waking The Dead Side





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